Special Jury Mention - Croatian Animated Film Festival 2012
Best Animated Film Award – Days of Croatian Film 2012
Grand Prix – Golden Kuker 2012
Best Animated Film in National Competition – In the Palace 2012
Special Mention Balkan Competition - Anibar 2012
Bulgarian Filmmakers’ Union Award - Varna World Festival of Animated Film 2012
Best Short Film Award - Anim'est 2012
Best Director Award – Goldfish Children's Animation Festival 2012
2nd Prize - Expotoons International Animation Festival 2012
Audience Award - Banja Luka Animated Film Festival 2012
Golden Dove for Animated Film - DOK Leipzig 2012
1st Prize - Animax Skopje Fest 2012
Best Animated Film – Golden Rhyton 2012
Best Animated Film - 0110 International Digital Film Festival 2013
Best Animation Award - Byron Bay International Film Festival 2013
CIFEJ Prize for the best film for children - Tehran International Animation Festival 2013
3rd Prize - Athens Animfest 2013
Best Animated Film - European Film Festival Lille 2013
Audience Award - Be There! Corfu Animation Festival 2013
Special Mention - Gulf Film Festival 2013
Best Animated Short Film - Anifilm 2013
Best Short Film Award in Masterclass Competition - Giffoni International Film Festival 2013
Best Animated Film - Tashkent International Film Forum 2013
1st Prize for Animated Documentary Film - Chicago International Children's Film Festival 2013
Grand Prix - Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival 2013
Best Animated Film - Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People 2013


Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria (9/3-18/3/2012)
Croatian Animated Film Festival, Croatia (24/3-25/3/2012)
Days of Croatian Film, Croatia (16/4-22/4/2012)
Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, Germany (8/5-13/5/2012)
Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France (4/6-9/6/2012)
Golden Kuker International Animation Festival, Bulgaria (11/6-17/6/2012)
Fest Anca International Animation Festival, Slovakia (28/6-1/7/2012)
In the Palace International Short Film Festival, Bulgaria (29/6-7/7/2012)
Tabor Film Festival, Croatia (8/7-14/7/2012)
Anibar International Animation Festival, Kosova (22/8-27/8/2012)
International Animation Festival Hiroshima, Japan (23/8-27/8/2012)
Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Brazil (23/8-31/8/2012)
Concorto Film Festival, Italy  (25/8-1/9/2012)
Animanima International Animation Festival, Serbia (6/9-9/9/2012)
Varna World Festival of Animated Film, Bulgaria (10/9-15/9/2012)
Milano Film Festival, Italy (12/9-23/9/2012)
Anifest Rozafa International Festival of Animated Film, Albania (25/9-29/9/2012)
Balkanima European Animated Film Festival, Serbia (2/10-6/10/2012)
Anim'est International Animation Film Festival, Romania (5/10-14/10/2012)
DOCartoon International Animated Documentary Film Festival, Italy (6/10-12/10/2012)
3D Wire Animation Market, Spain (10/10-14/10/2012)
London Film Festival, UK (10/10-21/10/2012)
Trick Film Festival, Italy (11/10-14/10/2012)
Cineast Film Festival, Luxemburg (11/10-28/10/2012)
Warsaw Film Festival, Poland (12/10-21/10/2012)
Goldfish International Children's Animation Films Festival, Russia (18/10-22/10/2012)
Mostra CineBH International Film Festival, Brazil (18/10-23/10/2012)
MedFilm Festival, Italy (19/10-28/10/2012)
Tindirindis International Animated Film Festival, Lithuania (22/10-28/10/2012)
Un festival c'est trop court –Short Film Festival Nice, France (23/10-28/10/2012)
Expotoons International Animation Festival, Argentina (23/10-25/10/2012)
Banja Luka International Animated Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina (23/10-28/10/2012)
London International Animation Festival, UK (25/10-4/11/2012)
DOK Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, Germany (29/10-4/11/2012)
ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival, Armenia (3/11-9/11/2012)
Alcine, Spain (10/11-16/11/2012)
Cinanima International Animated Film Festival (Panorama), Portugal (12/11-18/11/2012)
Wissembourg International Film Festival, France (12/11-20/11/2012)
Bradford Animation Festival, UK (13/11-17/11/2012)
Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Germany (13/11-18/11/2012)
Animated Dreams Animation Film Festival, Estonia (14/11-18/11/2012)
International Festival of Documentary and Short Films of Bilbao, Spain (16/11-23/11/2012)
Sequence Short Film Festival, France (16/11-2/12/2012)
exground filmfest, Germany (16/11-25/11/2012)
Istanbul Animation Festival, Turkey (23/11-28/11/2012)
Animax Skopje Fest, Republic of Macedonia (28/11-30/11/2012)
SIGGRAPH Asia, Singapore (29/11-1/12/2012)
Animateka International Animated Film Festival, Slovenia (3/12-9/12/2012)
International Festival of Latin American Cinema, Cuba (4/12-14/12/2012)
Flickerfest International Film Festival, Australia (10/1-20/1/2013)
Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden (25/1-4/2/2013)
0110 International Digital Film Festival, India (26/1-8/2/2013)
Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France (1/2-9/2/2013)
Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games, UK (18/2-22/2/2013)
Animac International Animated Film Festival, Spain (28/2-3/3/2013)
Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia (1/3-10/3/2013)
Tehran International Animation Festival, Iran (3/3-7/3/2013)
Athens Animfest, Greece (7/3-13/3/2013)
Roanne Animation Film Festival, France (19/3-24/3/2013)
European Film Festival of Lille, France (29/3-5/4/2013)
Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, Greece (4/4-7/4/2013)
Mecal International Short Film Festival, Spain (4/4-28/4/2013)
Gulf Film Festival, UAE (11/4-17/4/2013)
Future Film Festival, Italy (12/4-17/4/2013)
Cortoons International Short Animated Film Festival, Italy (17/4-21/4/2013)
AniFilm International Festival of Animated Films, Czech Republic (3/5-8/5/2013)
River Film Festival, Italy (28/5-9/6/2013)
Leiden International Short Film Experience, Netherlands (1/6-8/6/2013)
Mediterranean Film Festival Split, Croatia (8/6-15/6/2013)
Animix Animation Festival, Israel (8/6-17/6/2013)
Cinema Jove International Short Film Festival, Spain (21/6-28/6/2013)
Countryside Animafest Cyprus (18/7-21/7/2013)
Giffoni International Film Festival, Italy (19/7-28/7/2013)
Supertoon International Animation Festival, Croatia (28/7-2/8/2013)
Open Cinema International Short and Animation Festival, Russia (2/8-8/8/2013)
Anima Mundi, Brazil (2/8-18/8/2013)
Alpinale Short Film Festival, Austria (6/8-10/8/2013)
Opuzen Film Festival, Croatia (19/8-24/8/2013)
Baranja Animation Festival, Croatia (23/8-24/8/2013)
KROK International Animated Film Festival, Ukraine (1/9-10/9/2013)
Festival Ars Electronica, Austria (5/9-9/9/2013)
Helsinki International Film Festival, Finland (19/9-29/9/2013)
Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival, Brazil (20/9-29/9/2013)
Sedicicorto International Film Festival, Italy (5/10-12/10/2013)
ANIMA - Córdoba International Animation Festival, Argentina (10/10-12/10/2013)
Filmini International Short Film Festival, Bulgaria (16/10-21/10/2013)
Tashkent International Film Forum Golden Guepard, Uzbekistan (19/10-24/10/2013)
Granada International Short Film Festival, Spain (21/10-27/10/2013)
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, USA (25/10-3/11/2013)
International Film Festival Bratislava, Slovakia (6/11-12/11/2013)
Filmets Badalona Film Festival, Spain (8/11-17/11/2013)
interfilm Berlin International Short Film Festival, Germany (12/11-17/11/2013)
Best of Short Films Festival, France (15/11-17/11/2013)
Unlimited Short Film Festival Cologne, Germany (15/11-18/11/2013)
Istanbul International Short Film Festival, Turkey (20/11-27/11/2013)
Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival, Poland (22/11-28/11/2013)
Olympia International Film Festival, Greece (30/11-7/12/2013)
Landshut Short Film Festival, Germany (26/3-31/3/2014)
VAFI International Children and Youth Festival, Croatia (22/4-27/4/2014)
International Film Festival for Children and Young People, Armenia (8/11-12/11/2014)