The short animated documentary film Father (2012, 16'30") features five parallel realities in which the impossible dialogue between a child and a father would take place. The film is based on the authentic experiences of several young people - interviewed by Diana Ivanova - and then put together in an animated documentary story by five unique animation directors. 

Father is a great example of a successful international collaboration: It is a Bulgarian, Croatian, German co-production; the screenplay advisor was famous British filmmaker Phil Mulloy; in charge of the overall direction and supervision was Bulgarian director Ivan Bogdanov, who worked with five directors from across Europe to create five stories: Moritz Mayerhofer from Germany, Asparuh Petrov and Rositsa Raleva from Bulgaria, Dmitry Yagodin from Russia, and Veljko Popović from Croatia.

Father was produced by Compote Collective in co-production with Bonobostudio and Eyecatch Productions, and supported by Robert Bosch Foundation, Croatian Audiovisual Centre and Bulgarian National Film Centre.

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